Easy Taxi app now available for Outlook

Easy Taxi users will now be able to request a taxi within their Microsoft Outlook email. This is after the company unveiled a new version of the taxi app that is intergrated to Microsoft email solution, Outlook.

The company says it created the feature with the same characteristics as the Web App, thus increasing more options through which users can book a cab. If the user would like to schedule a taxi, all they need to do is set up a notification that will be sent within Outlook.

“We want to offer more and more convenience and practicality to our users,” Dennis Wang, Global Co-CEO of Easy Taxi said. “During office hours, Outlook already notifies the person of a meeting through a reminder, now in the same Calendar tool the person can request a taxi. It’s extremely simple

“This project shows how innovative companies like Easy Taxi can team up with Office, which is used by 1.2 billion people across the globe, to help them be more productive. Microsoft’s commitment in enabling people to do more ends up being a differential that is offered to users. In this case, helping people arrive where they need to be, on time,” Richard Chaves, Director of Innovation and New Technologies of Microsoft added.

Easy Taxi’s solution is synchronized with Outlook’s calendar. As one of the first Brazilian companies to develop an app for Outlook, the company w provide the solution to all 30 countries it is present. The app works in Outlook 2013 or more recent versions as well as in Outlook online.

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