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Airtel Kenya recognized as a Global Best Practice Case Study on Social Media

Airtel Customer Service Executived attend to customers at the new Embu shop.

Airtel Kenya has been recognized as a global best practice case study by Socialbakers, a global social media analytics firm for outstanding performance in serving customers online.

This award recognizes the company’s outstanding use of online social media platforms in engagement and resolution of customer issues.

With tens of thousands of Twitter followers and hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans in the country, Airtel has been singled out as being socially devoted and receptive to its customers, receiving and responding to questions and communicating within the shortest time possible. A brand qualifies to be Socially Devoted if it responds to at least 65% of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter.

“Our success in social media is driven by the value we place on customer satisfaction. With the growth in digital technology there is more and more conversation in social networks. The evolution of social media is truly an excellent tool to create a community where we can engage our customers to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and value. It’s great that we already have an efficient dialogue with our customers,” said Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi.

A socially devoted brand is described as a brand that creates and opens lines of communication with its fans. Socially devoted companies set a new global standard that other businesses can adopt to improve their social media marketing strategy.

Social media has been a key channel for Airtel Kenya to interact with
its customers and it remains at the heart of its communication
strategies. As evidenced of the power of social media, the company
actively engages with its customers via social media platforms which
include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus.

Social media networks especially Facebook and Twitter have become popular gateways for customer seeking help or updates in needy situation and as a result of this, brands that are committed to their customers and have the capabilities have tapped into them.

More information about the recognition can be found here.

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