Hellofood on Managing the Customer Service Experience for food delivery

HelloFoods-4Any business or organization worth its salt knows that customer is king and will always work towards satisfying the customer’s needs, providing him with a great experience filled with personal experience.

This often makes the difference between a frequent return customer and one who is displeased with your service and who has the potential to spread negative word of mouth that can have an undesirable ripple effect on your business.

Over a decade ago customers would air their displeasure with a service either through face to face interaction or through the telephone. But in the 21st century there are numerous channels for a customer to express their purchasing experience both good and bad especially using online social networks.

With all of these channels of communication it is important to ensure that a customer has the very best experience while using your service and this is especially so when it comes to food delivery.

“Customer experience is of paramount importance to hellofood. We strive to go up and beyond for the customer and we always try to make sure their experience with us is easy and enjoyable”, says Nina Holmes, the Head of Operations at hellofood Kenya.

However In some occasions, things don’t always turn out the way they are expected to, where a customer may have a less than pleasant experience with the service provider. In the food delivery business, customers are programmed to have their meals at very specific intervals of the day and any delay can heighten one’s impatience, especially when the customer is hungry; time truly is of the essence where food is concerned and all parties involved must ensure prompt delivery. “Sometimes things do go wrong and when they do, we are swift to find out what happened during the process of delivery and we make it our utmost priority to make it up to the customer.  We want our customers to feel confident that we will always do everything we can to provide a good experience for them and we make it our business to consistently improve our service,” Says Nina.

To ensure this the customer service team are trained very well to converse with the customer and hear them out, no matter what temperament the customer may be in. Because customers are two times more likely to talk about a bad experience to their friends than they are to talk about a good one as observed by the American Express, the team overseeing the customer needs must do their very best to ensure that every single measure is taken to ensure that all matters are resolved promptly.


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