Hellofood: Four Safe ways to prevent over-indulgence this Labour Weekend


Overeating-at-ChristmasThe holidays are here …well, not really. But we have another long weekend ahead of us and nothing can bring more excitement then when we can get time away from work. And almost like Christmas and Easter, a long weekend away from daily pressures is one we can always look forward to.

And with long weekends comes the trend of over-indulging in food and drink.  This is a routine habit with most of foodies, and helloffod came up with  a few pointers to take into consideration before you wine and dine this Labour weekend.

Don’t show up at the party starving
It is believed that if you eat a good meal before you go shopping then you are likely to reduce your chances buying tons of junk food and other unnecessary food items and the same principle applies when you’re going for a party – if you eat a decent meal before you leave the house then you are reducing your chances of over eating at the party or club!

Drink Water
Water is generally good for you and this has been engrained in our memories since forever. It’s good for hydration during exercise, its better digestion and now even before a night of partying or clubbing, drink plenty of water so that you don’t get high as quickly

Eat low- calorie dishes
And just as it is recommended to drink water before you go out, it is also recommended that you could eat a snack that contains very few calories – such as an apple, a tuna sandwich with brown bread or any other meal that has significantly low calories. This will prevent you from eating everything in sight when you hit the club

Eat in Moderation
Lastly but very important, try not to eat everything that is beautifully displayed when you go out. Yes, food is very intentionally presented in such a way that you keep piling it up and before you know it you’ve eaten a whole lot more than intended. But following the steps above means that you won’t eat as much and you won’t have the feeling of guilt that comes after an night of over indulgence!


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