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Most small businesses will allocate a small portion of their advertising budget to digital strategies. They never know what they are missing. But according to Wiselink Business Consultants, a growing software development company in Kenya, , every business should invest in proven digital marketing tactics.

“We have come across many small businesses that need a lot of education to understand what we do and what they should expect from our service,” stated Mr. Kibinda, C.E.O at Wiselink Business Consultants says.

”Agencies like ours are expected to explain to customers what we do, how it works and provide transparency in reporting to demonstrate the value of online marketing.”


He  says Wiselink is aiming to help businesses grow by leveraging online marketing platforms which have been underutilized for many years in Kenya.

”The goal is to develop a campaign that is in line with business goals and daily operations” he adds.

According to him, many businesses consider online marketing as a time consuming process that they would rather not do and Wiselink want to take advantage of this and offer support in all areas of promoting a brand online. From creating a website to opening business pages on social platforms like Facebook and improving Search visibility.

“What makes Wiselink unique to other agencies is the ability to identify a client’s target market and structure a campaign that is perfectly suit for it. We utilize our omniscient knowledge of the industry to develop internet marketing campaigns that offer proactive solutions which exceed clients’ expectations,” said Mr. Kibinda.

Rather than being an expert in just one area of online marketing in Kenya, Wiselink has expertise in many fields and can render any organization a more integrated online solution offering services like Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Pay per click advertising,  Email marketing and Software development.

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