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Having a busy day? Ordering food just got easier and faster
Picture this, you are stuck in the office with loads of work and unmet deadlines, you got a review in the afternoon and a meeting maybe later in the evening, and still to top it all up you have to cover an event that evening, being a journalist that might run till late into the night.

HelloFoods-4You can’t even spare a minute to go out with you work mates to grab lunch, though you know need to grab something since even the energy is running out. Or even with the February temperature levels, at times you could be hungry but you opt to stay hungry since, one, the restaurant is a few kilometres away and you got only an hour’s lunch break or secondly, grab an unhealthy biting for lunch filling your body with junk, thirdly, the thought of a fast food restaurant! Hell no!

I found myself in a similar situation last week, I had a lot on my desk to do and still needed to take something since my stomach couldn’t give me peace, it kept on grumbling over and over again, it couldn’t go away even with the number of glasses of water that I took. It was around then that I came across a piece we did last year on our blog on Hello Food, finally, I could order from a variety of restaurant and also place an order of any meal I wanted.

I realized starving doesn’t have to be an option anymore with the introduction of online delivery food. With just a press of a button, one can get food delivered not just food but your desired meal, at any location and at any time, from as low as Kshs. 200 and in less than an hour’s time thus helping save time and colliding with your bosses, since you are stuck in the office, no more coming late in the office after lunch. Online food delivery aims at helping making the lives of people who have little time getting out of their busy schedules to get food easier and in a delicious way.

Having interacted with the HelloFood, Rocket Internet’s online food delivery firm, The HelloFood app itself is pretty simple one to use. What you only need is to get an account with the app and once you are connected to your account, you are good to go. It is also reliable as it has a presence in 39 countries across five continents.
Also having partnered with popular restaurants across the country, like The Debonairs, Big Square, Osteria, Periperi Grill Limited, Naked Pizza, Deluxe Fruits, The Four Seasons for Food Company, Caribes Bar and restaurant, Mister Wok, Steers, Sushi Soo Japanese Restaurant and Pete’s, the app offers a range of popular cuisanes, from indian, Chinese, Kenyan and also a variety of healthy foods.
What’s even cooler about the app is the fact that if you don’t know your way around, well a customer service live chat bar is situated at the far end, where one can be assisted to complete an order. Ordering food online has never been this easy.

Stuck with office work, this shouldn’t keep you from having a healthy meal. All you have to do is get on choose your preferred meal, pay cash on delivery and enjoy your meal.

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Click to visit the HelloFood webiste and to Lucia’s blog.


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