Google’s first self-driving car prototype ready for testing

Back in May  Google announced that it wants to revolutionize the motor industry by  introducing a driverless car that has no steering wheel, gear stick or pedals.


A report published by the Verge now indicates that Google has finished its work on the first complete prototype of of the car and is now ready for testing.

Unlike the prototype that Google originally unveiled back in May,this latest prototype is said to have all of the parts that a self-driving car needs in order to hit the road.

The May prototype was just an “early mockup” that even lacked headlights.

”The car’s design hasn’t changed dramatically since then, maintaining its unique smiley-face style front. ” the report said.

”The biggest difference is that the LIDAR system on top, which the vehicle uses to see the world, is now much tinier — it’s shrunk from a strange-looking mount to a sleek, black cap”.

Google says will be hitting its test tracks over the holidays.

Come next year, Google says it would like to get its car out on the road.





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