Microsoft drops the Nokia brand, renames it ‘Microsoft Lumia’

By Nixon Kanali,


Its now official, Microsoft is now putting an end to the Nokia brand name from its products  and is now renaming it as “Microsoft Lumia” six months after acquiring the Nokia mobile and service division. 

According to The Verge, Microsoft Lumia is the new brand name that takes the place of Nokia for the software make.

The rebranding excercise will begin in France with the renaming of the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to”Microsoft Lumia”

The decision to drop the Nokia brand itself doesn’t mean that Nokia is going away fully. Nokia still exists as a separate company.

The choice by Microsoft  to use Lumia as the Nokia replacement won’t come as a surprise to many. Recently Nokia’s Windows Phone apps have also been rebranded to Lumia  and holiday ads will be pushing Lumia instead of Nokia.



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