There’s an app aimed at letting you spy on your partner, what’s next?

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy apps come and go over the past few years, and this new one which we’ll be talking about takes the whole concept strange apps to a whole new level and perhaps beyond. mCouple is something you can download on your Android and iOS devices to keep track of your partners.

So if someone thinks their significant other is cheating on them or if they’re anxious about who their partner is talking to and where he/she is going, they can take some help from this app. It works in a two-way fashion, so both the partners need to have it installed on their devices in order to take advantage of it.


Developed by a London-based firm named mSpy, its key concept is that all the history from you device will be accessible on your partner’s device. This means, any call or message you get during your day will be accessible on your partner’s connected handset without any bounds.

The same applies for contact entries made by you as well. That’s not all; its GPS tracking attribute makes it possible to track every move your partner makes. Facebook hasn’t been kept out of mCouple’s purview as well, with partners having been given the option of viewing all the Facebook chats of their significant others.

There’s a fairly simple process that’s needed in order to tie up both partners’ smartphones so as to make information accessible to each other. mCouple can be downloaded now through theGoogle Play store and the Apple App Store free of cost.

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