Google Now to Alert Public Transport Users About Their Next Stop

Google has added a new feature to Google Now on itsSearch app for Android which alerts user when to get off public transport at the stop nearest to their saved destination.


The new feature of Google Now on the Search app is currently rolling out to the Netherlands, and is only expected to make its way to regions that support the public transport feature, as noted by Android Police.

The Google Now feature is essentially an alarm specifically tailored to public transportation that recognises set locations and updates users ahead of their transit stop. So now if you doze off in a metro on your way back home from office, or are unsure of the bus routes, the set alarm will alert you before you get to the stop nearest your saved destination.

Similar to the alarm function, the feature is separate from the standard clock, and automatically alerts users boarding public transportation of the correct public transit stop for them. Users can choose to set the alarm by tapping on the Google Now notification.

Last week Google had rolled out its Public Alerts service incorporating tweets from disaster-struck locations. Now, when the company issues a public disaster alert from official sources, such as the National Weather Service, it will include relevant tweets in Google Now, Search and Maps, as well as on its Public Alerts website.

The idea behind Google’s integration of tweets is to have the public’s tweets help answer questions in emergency situations. The feature is currently for English-speaking regions and only for Google’s Public Alerts product.

Earlier the company had updated its Search bringing the ‘Parking location’ card to Google Now. The update brings the ability to automatically detect where users have parked their cars, and finds the approximate location later, displayed in the parking location card on Google Now. It also keeps the previous location data where a user had recently parked the car.

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