Microsoft Devices launches another of the Nokia X range in the Kenyan Market,

Microsoft Devices unit has today officially launched the Nokia XL device in the Kenyan market. The Nokia XL is one of the Nokia X range that operate on android platform and has been launched a few weeks after the Nokia X.


Judging from the name ‘XL’, the device is a capacitive 5 inch touch screen unlike the Nokia X device which has a 4 inches screen. The essence of the large screen, is the fact that it can now enhance gaming and also Skype conversation

The phone also comes with 5 Megapixels autofocus camera, a LED flash and 2 Megapixel front facing camera. The front facing camera will now enable users to make both video and audio calls while on Skype unlike in the Nokia X where one could only make audio calls due to lack of the front facing camera.

Retailing at Kshs. 15,500 in the Kenyan market, the device also comes with popular Microsoft services like Skype and Onedrive and and also exclusive Nokia services like HERE Maps and Mix radio.

The gadget which is also a dual SIM, has local apps available which include, Supersport, Newsdrift, DSTV, Jumia , Capital Fm and Kenya Airways. However one can get an additional 480 apps from the Nokia store, 3rd Party app stores or though side loading. There is also an aspect of Fastlane, which enhances a smooth flow between apps and also keeps an history of the different sites you have visited.

Weighing 190 grams, Nokia XL has a 1GHZ Qualcom Snapdragon dual core processor, a memory of up to 768MB RAM and 4GB eMMC and upto 32GB MicroSD card support. It operates on Android os v 4.1.2 (jelly bean) and comes in 6 colors ranging from green, blue, orange, black, white and yellow.

Speaking during the launch, Bruce Howe, General Manager East Africa, Microsoft Devices, “ We believe thst Nokia XL is going to be relevant following Nokia X success in the market.”He also added that Nokia X since its launch has been rated among the top ten most bought device in the market, with Nokia devices selling upto 150,000 devices on a monthly basis.

Howe also pointed out that they have chosen to run the Nokia X and Nokia XL mobile phones on the Android platform because Android is an established Operating System in most countries making it easy for most users to work with android enabled devices however, the devices will still house the Microsoft Devices touch in them.

The device is currently available across the country awaiting official launch in Tanzania and Uganda markets in the coming weeks.


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