Google’s search to revolutionise car industry with the launch of driverless car

GOOGLE are set to revolutionise the motor industry with the launch of a driverless car that has no steering wheel, gear stick or pedals.



The smart car uses lasers, sensors, cameras and mapping software to chauffeur you to your ­destination, avoiding crashes along the way.

The first 100 models are due to be on the road this summer in a pilot scheme that could see them in full production in 2016.

The two-seater electric car, which has a top speed of 25mph, was created in Google’s Lab X in Mountain View, California.

They built a car with cameras to wipe out blind spots, lasers and sensors to detect obstacles to a distance of two football pitches and two motors in case one fails.

It is clad in a special foam and has a flexible windscreen to reduce any impact in case of an accident.

Google hope it will give a new lease of life to millions of ­disabled and blind people as well as elderly people who have given up driving.

The internet giants’ co-founder Sergy Brin said: “The project is about changing the world for people who are not well-served by transportation today.”

●Three in four motorists would fail their driving test if they had to take it again now. Direct Line found that most of those who failed the mock tests recorded serious or dangerous faults.

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