Time Buddy App lets you check and compare time anywhere in the world


Have you ever wished to talk to someone in a different country, maybe via Skype or even a phone call? Or planning to travel but not sure about what time your flight will reach your destination? Of course you might have had issues trying to figure out if it is indeed the right time to call that person or book that flight due to the changes in time zones between your country and the person you want to talk to. Time is one of the main things you will have to consider before actually sitting down and dialing that number or even logging into your Skype account.

A new app which has been made exclusive available to TechTrendsKE is however going to change how you do this. Time Buddy could just be the easiest way to check & compare the time anywhere in the world.

Available in iTunes and Google Play Store, Time Buddy brings a colorful world clock to you; helping you set and see the correct time for different time zones.

So how does Time Buddy work?

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and tap the plus icon and enter your location. The widget displays time in both 12 and 24 hour format and also displays it in different colors with different cities.

With this app, you can choose from hundreds of cities across the world and it is also very simple to use. Time accuracy also gives is a plus; it is the hallmark of this widget. Multiple time zones are also displayed on your screen and it also gives you an option of adding as many time zones as you want.

The developers of this app say Time Buddy will be your trusted friend when you want to synchronize timings with your global clients, keep in touch with distant friends and family, and even when you are travelling from one place to another across time zones.

The app is available on iTunes and Google Play Store for download. Download it and share your experiences.


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