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How about a Belt that Can Charge Your Phone While It still Holds Up Your Pants


How about a Belt that Can Charge Your Phone While It still Holds Up Your Pants


How about powering your iPhone with your Belt while it holds up your pants. Well, that could just be possible thanks to Nifty, a UK-based startup that is making this possible.

According to an article published by yahoo, the startup has come up with an innovative design that incorporates battery-charging tech, offering your pants a new way to keep your mobile device fully charged while you are busy in your comfortable pants.

Known as the XOO Belt (pronounced “zoo”) the wearable tech is just what you might especially if you are the kind of person who is always on your phone and your battery running low.

The belt has been designed with a new breed of lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery, and is said to be safe, durable, and weather-resistant.

“It looks, feels and weighs about the same as a really nice belt … but comes with a mighty 2,100 mAh of hidden charge and can charge pretty much any device,” the Nifty team says.

The flexible part of the battery lives inside the belt strap while the rest is contained in the buckle. The charging wire runs alongside the inside of the belt when it’s not in use, with magnetism holding it in place.

You charge it the same way you would your smartphone, and five discreetly placed LEDs on the buckle indicate power level. According to Nifty, the belt will fully charge, for example, an iPhone6 in about 2.5 hours from empty.

The company says it plans to start shipping the product in July with a $155 price tag, though early backers can, of course, get a better deal.

Source: Yahoo





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