Infinix Mobile partners with ANGA IMAX to give Infinix user free movie tickets.

Infinix Mobile has entered into a two-year partnership with ANGA IMAX that will see Infinix smartphone users get free movie tickets. 


What this means is users get to enjoy movies with their friends at ANGA IMAX 20th century by just buying one ticket, while the extra ticket will be given to you for free. All you need to carry your Infinix device, show it while buying your movie ticket and you will get another absolutely free for a movie every Sunday.

This partnership comes just after Infinix unveiled the Stay True Shooting Awards that will see Infinix ZERO 5 user from across the world win a fully paid trip to fully paid trip to Shanghai, China.   Users are encouraged to take photos with their Infinix ZERO 5 smartphone and share them on the competition’s online portal for a chance to win this trip, an Infinix Quiet X or an Infinix ZERO 5 smartphone.

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Infinix Mobile has been quite well interacting with consumers and the community through mentorship programmes like the Infinix Na Comrades Campus Campaign. Students from local universities benefit from such programmes where Infinix Mobile staff visit campuses with the aim of appreciating mobile photography among the students.

This new partnership with ANGA IMAX dubbed INFINIX MOVIE DAY is yet another opportunity for the company to continue interacting its customers.

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