Google builds 3D-mapping tablet


Google has built an Android tablet capable of mapping the inside of buildings in 3D.

The tablet, part of its Project Tango initiative, is a beast thanks to its Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 4GBs of RAM and 128GBs of storage.

However, it also has three camera sensors on the back (a 4MP camera similar to the HTC One, a motion-tracking camera and a depth sensor) so you can map the inside of your home, a museum or almost any other building or area.

Mooted uses include gaming (hide-and-seek for example, with virtual characters hiding behind real objects) and supermarket navigation, Engadget reported.

The tablet won’t be available for general consumption just yet however, with a limited quantity set to roll out for developers instead.

It won’t be cheap either, coming in at $1024, according to Google.

It’s not the first mobile device Google has built for 3D-mapping though, as it has already crafted a smartphone for the task too.


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