Google adds The Moon and Mars on Google Maps




Google has made two rather large interesting new additions to Google Maps: The Moon and Mars. A move that will be the first thing to make users explore further beyond the planet Earth.

This means you can now venture off to the Moon and Mars with the Google Earth viewer in Google Maps on your PC at the comfort of your desk or bed.

How then do you head off to the red planet? It’s easy, simply keep zooming out until Earth becomes a speck in space and a ‘Explore’ button will become available. Click on it and you’ll be given the option of visiting either our closest neighbour The Moon or heading off to Mars.

The addition of these two new locations is to commemorate the Curiosity rover’s second year on Mars.

The plucky car-sized rover has been roaming the red planet discovering new materials while taking some incredible photos including the first ‘selfie’ on Mars and discovering an ‘Alien’ lion head mask.

Source: The Huffington Post UK

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