5 Top Smartphones with Facial Recognition

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly smarter.

If we take a look back to the days of the popular mobile phones eg the Nokia 3310, you will discover that mobile phones have come a long. From life to workplace, your mobile phone can help you achieve a lot.

Want to stay connected with your friends?

Think BBM, WhatsApp, Social Media Communities.

Want to improve productivity?

Think email clients, Evernote app and much more. It is estimated that there are over 3million apps in the Google app store alone and that there is hardly any task you want to think of, that there is not an app that can help you perform that task faster and more efficiently.

It is estimated that the average person spends a minimum of 3hours on the phone daily. It is therefore not surprising that our phones have become smarter enabling us to do much more than just make a call or send a text message.

One of the latest innovation in today’s smartphone update is facial recognition.

Facial recognition system is a computer application capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

The most significant importance of facial recognition is the level of security it grants to the owner. This is because it is practically impossible to game the system yet. It is expected that other security systems and banking applications will soon leverage this technology to enhance security around mobile user and financial transactions.

Today, almost all phone manufacturer are now implementing facial recognition on all their phones and this technology is believed to become widely applied much sooner. From Samsung which is believed to be the first to unveil the technology to Apple, there are lots of other manufacturers already using this technology.

This infographic created by Jumia in preparation for its mobile week, looks at the top 5 Android smartphones with facial recognition.



Top 5 Android Phones With Facial Recognition:

Below are the top 5 Android smartphones with facial recognition. This list is in no particular order and is not an endorsement of any product.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. OnePlus 5
  3. LG Q6
  4. Xiaomi Mi Note 3
  5. Huawei Mate 10

Now over to you. Which of these smartphones do you like and why?

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