VIDEO: ICT CS Joseph Mucheru Talks about the Future of Netflix in Kenya

When Netflix announced its expansion to Kenya and other 130 countries, so many internet users  like me and others were thrilled. I remember the Netflix In Kenya #NetflixInKenya conversation trending on social media with most Kenyans expressingtheir different views about the service.

Then the Kenya Film Classification Board announced that it was planning to to regulate the sreaming service over what it says is a threat to Kenya’s National Security and also that the service is contributing to Kenya’s Moral decline.

“In this era of global terrorism, including broadcasts over the internet by terrorist entities, vigilance is the price of safety and prevention,” said the board said in a statement. “As Kenyans, we therefore need to ask all the right questions about the unregulated arrival and future of Netflix in the country. We need to ponder its implications in light of the ongoing war on terror by questioning the manner and nature of Netflix’s introduction of services in Kenya.”

This of course has led to mixed reactions from different quarters including the new ICT Cabinet Secretary Joseph Mucheru.

The question that is being asked is , Is Netflix going to get blocked in Kenya? Here is what the CS for ICT, Joseph Mucheru had to say about the issue.  .

Whare are your thoughts on this? Should Netflix be regulated? Share them with us.

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