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YouTube considering getting rid of ads, to introduce subscription-based billing


YouTube considering getting rid of ads, to introduce subscription-based billing


Ever opened youtube and the first thing you see are those increasingly annoying pre-roll ads that appear before you watch that video you were looking for? Well, YouTube might just provide a way to do away with them soon.

According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal,  The network is considering adopting  a new version that would get rid of ads altogether, and introduce subscription-based billing for customers who want it instead.

During yesterday’s Code Mobile conference, YouTube head Susan Wojcicki who  is spearheading the attempt to bring more options to YouTube said that the online service would offer users a way to avoid the ads they’re increasingly wanting to avoid, especially on platforms like mobile where it’s less easy to just tab away while the ad plays and then resume your viewing.

The subscription model would be a choice provided to users, suggested Wojcicki, and would exist alongside the continuing main revenue model of offering ad-supported content for free.

This Subscription-based service would make YouTube resemble Netflix in some regards, and the Wall Street Journal, it would also be focused on certain types of video content, including news.




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