WrapUp: Some of the interesting stories featured on TechTrendsKE in 2015

2015 is almost coming to an end, a year that has seen so much growth in Kenyan and African tech scene. Starting today we will be breaking down some of the great things that TechTrendsKE covered in the Kenyan, African and even global ever growing technology industry.

The feature will include some of the great startups we featured, interviews we conducted and other great things that took place. This Friday we have 7 from each of the categories TechTrendsKE covers to highlight and we think they might be of great interest to you, our reader.

The presentation below highlights some of these stories.

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Nixon Kanali

Nixon is a Trained Journalist interested in all things Tech, Business, and Public Relations (PR). Also Founder and editor of TechTrendsKE. E-Mail: nickcanali@gmail.com/nkanali@techtrendske.co.ke Phone: +254 727 503 198

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