Video: Google teases possible name for its upcoming Android M

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Google’s has released a name teaser for its upcoming Android M, amidst reports revealing details about the Nexus smartphones anticipated to launch this year.

The teaser video made by Googlers Nat and Lo and tweeted, “What’s Android M gonna be? We all have our guesses…” has sent out lots of guesses.

The video doesn’t however specifically detail what the name will be, but it outlines some possible names. Among the possibilities are Moon Pie, Milkshake, Malt Ball, and Muffin, among others.

The end of the video features a person working on a statue that’s expected to appear on Google’s famous lawn. It suggests that Marshmallow will be the OS’ finalised name. Of course, it could be a red herring.

Google is expected to reveal Android M’s final build and its full name later this year.

Source: Irish examiner



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