#RIPTwitter: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey denies algorithm fears

#RIPTwitter, remember that hashtag? The hashtag that was trending worldwide last week after a report by BuzzFeed revealed that Twitter was planning to change how tweets are displayed.

But it seems Twitter will not be testing out the new algorithm after all, at least that is according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Jack confirmed that the company will not be bringing in a new algorithmic timeline as reported by Buzzfeed.

It should however be noted out that Twitter has been actually testing this feature. Late last year some users reported their timelines changing to prioritize tweets with more engagement.

This new announcement by Twitter CEO should however calm users down. But as for now, you won’t be seeing any a Facebook look like Twitter.

This is not the first time the micro-blogging site is coming under fire from users. Last month, most users complained after Twitter announced a new feature that would allow users to post tweets up to 10,000 characters long, up from its previous limit of 140 characters.

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