Google to remove the Calendar Invitation feature on Gmail in July

Google is planning to remove the Gmail option which allows users to insert calendar invites directly within emails.

According to a blog post on the google system blog, aunofficial blog that watches Google’s attempts to move your operating system online since 2005, starting July 2014, this feature will no longer be available. You can however continue sending email invitations from Google Calendar, the post said 


This was also  confirmed by Gmail community managers who said the option will be removed in July. As of now, if you choose to insert a calendar invite within an email, you’ll get a message warning you of the changes ahead.

This move is likely not to go on well with the few users who use the feature as  as the feature allowed you to send invites without having to open up Google Calendar itself.

It (truly!) is always tough choosing which features to continue to support. We make these decisions carefully, so please know that! We’ll still be supporting creating invitations, just through different steps. The workaround now is to click into calendar and to create an invitation from there” the Google community managers further said.



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