Google+ rolls out ‘Auto Enhance’ feature for videos


Soon-after social-networking site Facebook announced to improve the qualities of photos uploaded by the users, Google has come up with the idea of auto-enhancing the video qualities uploaded to its social-networking platform ‘Google+’.

Google on Monday announced a latest update to Google+ will allow users to enhance and correct the lighting, color, stability with click of a button.

The auto-enhancing feature will also allow the users to intensify the quality of speech in the uploaded videos soon.

If a user uploads videos, Google+ will automatically suggest enhancing its quality after analysing the picture and audio quality.

To apply Auto Enhance to videos on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, the user needs to open a video and then choose More>Auto Enhance.

In the Google+ Photos app on Android, the user needs to open the video, tap the overflow menu, and then tap Auto Enhance.

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