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GitHub introduces New Feature to help users discover interesting repositories


GitHub introduces New Feature to help users discover interesting repositories

GitHub has added a new feature to its code project platform to help users classify GitHub repositories and find others that they might be interested in.

Known as Topics, the new feature lets the user explore repositories in a particular subject area, find projects to contribute to and also discover new solutions to a specific problem.

Repo admins can add any topics they would like to a repository main page.  Helpful topics to classify a repository include the repository’s intended purpose, subject area, community, or language. The topics are displayed below the description of each project

Additionally, GitHub uses machine learning to identify what your repo is about and suggest topics which repo admins can either accept or reject. Private repository content is not analyzed and does not receive topic suggestions but you can manually add your own topics and spot them in your search results as long as you are authorized to access them.


This is really important especially when you are trying to identify similar projects that you might want to learn from and even contribute to. All you need to do is click on a topic that interests you to find related repos. Adding topics to your repo will help other users discover your projects, too.

‘’Topics will continue to grow as we learn more from you and better understand GitHub’s role in project discovery’’ GitHub said.

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