Facebook working on a Dislike button

Sometime back someone asked me a very interesting question. When someone updates a sad status on Facebook and you click LIKE, does that mean you like the status or or showing sympathy to the person? Well, of course I did not have a proper answer for him, but now Facebook might just be coming up with a solution to that.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is planning to publicly test a Dislike Facebook button.

He made the revelation during a During a Q&A session but was clear that the button will not be about fostering negativity, instead, it will be about “expressing empathy.” He also explained why the company has taken long to roll out this new feature which the company has been working on for quite some time saying he wanted to keep interactions with Facebook users simple.

Zuckerberg said he expects the new feature to begin public testing soon.


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