Cheap internet for Kenyans in the offing as Operators agree to share infrastructure

Last week,  the Kenyan Government and internet service providers agreed on key provisions to share broadband infrastructure, a move which has been labeled as a step closer to affordable internet. Stakeholders from the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK), Telecommunication Service Providers Organisation of Kenya and the Kenya National Highway Authority ( KeNHA) agreed to have the cost of putting up broadband infrastructure reduced.


For years, there has been wrangles between KeNHA and telecommunication service providers concerning the laying down of cable ducts along major roads and highways this new agreement could just be the end of it. Telecom firms have routinely accused KeNHA of damaging underground cables during road constructions. But telcos have been accused of not building their passages in accordance with the pre-established road network.

The Kenyan government also  says it requires $169 million (Sh14 billion) and a further $687 million (Sh57 billion) to set up base stations to provide voice and data services to locked-out areas.



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