This New Huawei Smartphone Battery Charges 10 Times Faster

Batteries continue to the biggest issue holding smartphone technology back from moving forward. Chinese tech giant however want to break this.

The company has unveiled two prototype removable lithium-iron batteries that it says can recharge in minutes, using a bespoke charger

Developed at Watt Lab, a division of the Central Research Institute at Huawei, the company says this new technology is capable of charging compatible batteries up to 10 times faster than normal lithium-ion batteries. The technology involves a special charger coupled with a new lithium-ion battery with an energy density above 620 Wh/L.

In a 5 minutes quick charging experiment video posted by the company, the company compared a normal battery charge with its prototype after two minutes.

According to Tech Times , Huawei has stated that it is confident that its new technology can also find applications outside the mobile phone industry. It adds that the same approach can be used to shorten the charging times of wearable tech and electric cars, among others. Huawei is also expected to license their new technology to other companies to be used in other devices. If Apple takes advantage of the technology, charging a 1715mAh iPhone will only take less than seven minutes,  revealed.

Could be a big deal in an industry where battery technology rarely improves despite the numerous research that have been conducted? Let’s wait and see.



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