Russian Intelligence Agency (FSB) has been one of the most prominent hacker group that ever grazed the internet. However, this time around the odds were not on their side. As BBC Russia reports, the Russian Intelligence agency was hacked on July 13th with the hacking group deleting over 7.5TB of data!

This included secret projects that the Agency has been working on among other data. Some of the secret projects exposed by the hacker group dubbed 0v1ru$ including plans to “de-anonymize Tor browsing, scrape data from social media, and cut off Russia’s internet from the rest of the world.”

The hack can be traced back on July 13th when one of the FSB contractors on several internet projects –SyTech –was hacked leaving their website defaced with a smiling Yoba Face.

According to reports, the 7.5TB data was partially copied before deleting it from the computer. The copied files were shared with another large hacker group dubbed DigitalRevolution which distributed the data to several media houses and even posted some documents on Twitter.

Translating the twitter post in English courtesy of Google states, “All of us, journalists, students, and even pensioners, are under the supervision of the FSB. Join us, as well as $ 0V1ru, protecting our future! They will not drown our voices!”


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