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Online dating slowly but confidently revolutionizes the way people interact with each other. More and more individuals every day find it easier and better to look for partners online rather than waiting for them in real life. The majority made its decision and such services as Tinder might very possibly provide you with a very suitable partner. However, it is important to understand the difference between real-life situational dating and online dating. Most people have done it both ways but that doesn’t mean that online dating is definitely better than real-life situational dating. Some say the opposite thing and their point of view is to be considered. The following info will help to understand better how dating culture changed because of internet.

Virtual Reality

Dating someone online is paradoxical in its essence. You find yourself willing to date someone whom you haven’t ever seen, right? Right. But it means that, literally, you’re dating someone you don’t know because you haven’t met this person. No matter how thorough and detailed your profile is and or the profile of your chosen partners, it doesn’t change the fact that you come to like only virtual presence of a possible partner and not a real presence. What you get from online dating profile is like a mirror or a reflection of a person but not a person herself / himself. That is why so many people get disappointed by more than half of the dates they get online. Virtual presence of a person might be nothing like this person’s real presence. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people become confused by this discrepancy.


Getting dates online makes people less motivated to spend their time out and meeting other people. Therefore, a lot of people become alienated seeing as how they lose ability to interact socially. You may notice yourself that trying to meet someone simply on the street, in the park or at the bar become more and more difficult. People either have somebody else to spend time with or somewhere else to go. Online dating also implies that people are to become lovers from the first meeting. A lot of talking is going on about whether it is appropriate to kiss a date on first or second date. However, that is not important. What is important is that by pursuing sensual and sexual pleasure people tend to skip the stage of friendship. And it is not to be skipped if only one wants to build serious long-term relationships. Moreover, it is appropriate for you to only have one lover while you might have numerous friends. Those people you meet in real life who don’t become your lovers may become your good friends.

Time and Quality

One of the best advantages of online dating is how much time it saves. You get you want faster and without extra effort. You get on a date and you instantly know that it is date. In case it’s a good date you’re going to have another. In case it’s bad it becomes obvious right away. Therefore, you don’t get beat around the bushes and get straight to the point. This way you’re not going to be put in friendzone because you’re a nice person but do not attract your partner physically. However, the quality of such dates is lower because for many people it takes more than or even more than 10 dates to really understand whether it’s going to work or not. Trying to do it with 1 date is simply reckless. It is reckless in the same manner trying to find European or Russian brides online is.   

Well, now you know how dating culture has changed and what really stands behind modern tendency to get dates online. It is up to you what to do with this info but the best course of action might be to try getting dates not only online.

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