HMD Global Advocates 5G to Keep Everyone Connected from Anywhere

The fifth generation of mobile networks, also known as 5G, is slowly but steadily rolling out to countries worldwide. 5G rollout is still in the early stages, and only a handful of ISPs have widely availed the network to subscribers across the globe.

The network will bring with it faster multi–Gigabits per second download speeds, with ultra-low latency and the ability to connect more devices simultaneously relative to 4G.

HMD Global, the licensed maker of Nokia phones, has been one of the few phone makers to launch a 5G powered device. The company raised a cool $230 million in August 2020 from Google, Qualcomm, and Nokia.

Besides helping the company expand its presence in key markets, HMD’s intention for raising the cash was to help the company develop 5G devices and help it achieve the bigger goal of making such devices accessible to everyone.

The company says connecting users from all places in the world is vital.

And especially crucial in prevailing times with people forced to limit physical interaction to avoid contracting covid-19. Due to this, people are forced to seek virtual alternative ways of keeping in touch through various ways, including instant messaging, video, and many others.

The company sees such an opportunity to ensure everyone has a reliable and fast connection.

“Living in a world where we’re now forced to connect virtually, that seamless, always-on connection from anywhere has become vital to so many,” the company said in a statement.

For this reason, the company seeks to push its superior 5G experience offered by the Nokia 8.3 5G, its first 5G-capable device, to more devices and ultimately to more users around the world.

Nokia 8.3 global 5G support makes the device able to connect to the latest cellular technology from anywhere regardless of the underlying network bands.

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