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Fallohide Africa: Re-writing Kenya’s Story through Virtual Reality

Kenya is putting its foot forward in the age of Immersive technologies, including AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Although it is still a new concept, the country’s cutting-edge creatives are already recognizing the opportunities to use VR to tell new stories in new ways.

The interest in immersive technology has sparked innovation by local startups such as Fallohide Africa which has been integral in designing, democratizing and demystifying what Extended Reality (XR) and new emerging technologies will look like and how they will impact African communities.

Fallohide creates corporate Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality solutions and immersive narratives including original African realities that are true to the African people and their labours.

Fallohide Africa is carving that niche to give the continent a chance to tell its story.

In this interview, Nixon Kanali sits down with Walid Kilonzi, the Extended Reality Producer at Fallohide for a chat on how the startup has actualized its goals and how he has played a critical role in growing the XR development space in Africa. Also joining us for the interview is Charlie Khisha, a VR Producer and Storyteller who shares her insights on what it feels like working with these technologies and what it means for Kenya.

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