TECNO DroiPad 8II Photos

A couple of weeks ago we told you TECNO Mobile was will be launching a new tablet into the market. We first spotted this tablet when the company was launching its first 2016 Smartphone, the TECNO Boom J8.

The tablet was among the devices the company was showcasing during the J8 launch which also happened to be TECNO Open day.

In the first teaser article we gave you some of the details to expect including some specs. We were not sure when the tablet will officially be unveiled in the market. However, from what I have gathered, it could be soon.

From what we had told you earlier, the 8 inch Tecno DroiPad 8II has got all the features one would desire in any tablet ranging from a larger storage, better internet speeds supporting 4G capabilities and also runs on the latest Android OS

Below check some of the images of the tablet”





I will be unboxing the tablet tomorrow and also giving you more details about the release date.

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