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Rongo University students invent a tax compliance breathalyzer


Rongo University students invent a tax compliance breathalyzer

Rongo University College students have invented a new multipurpose gadget that might just be replacement for the now common  breathalyzer and matatu speed governors. The the gadget known as Electronic Revenue Collection and Immobilization System was on display at the universities exhibition in Eldoret town. The gadget, which is fitted on cars, is able to detect drunken drivers and immobilize their cars. It can also be used to immobilize speeding cars, those with loud music and also be used to help in collecting revenue from operators.

Percy Lemutekei, a Rongo University college student who is among those behind the invention that has been tested in the region and if adopted by the county government it could help solve so many problems.

The gadget operates through a centralized system that can control all cars and motorcycles registered through an electronic system.

“It’s a better system because instead of removing drivers from the cars to be tested using the breathalyzer, the car just gets immobilized and the system sends a text to the central unit reporting the driver and the car registration number,” Lemutekei said.

The students also said the gadget detects drivers who use mobile phones while driving. Via sms, it then reports such drivers to the central control system for action by authorities.

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