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Online Sports betting is becoming popular, here’s why

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Online Sports betting is becoming popular, here’s why

The other day I did an article on how high internet penetration and mobile money services is making betting in Kenya easy.  In the article, I also mentioned how a report by Price Water Coopers (PwC) on Gambling in Africa, noted certain countries in Africa are experiencing a massive outbreak of online betting companies.

One question one would ask, why do people gamble online? First, we need to agree that sports betting has become a popular thing for many throughout history, and more people than ever enjoy it these days. This is because placing wagers on your favorite teams has been made so easy thanks to the power of the internet. There are so many betting sites on the web and the leading one just keep getting better and better. In Kenya alone, we have more than 10 best online betting sites, including Betin Kenya.

Most people who bet have a number of options of how to bet, for example, they could use their phones, but they are now opting for online betting sites.

According to, most people that use betting sites find it’s the best way to wager on sports. There are however a couple of concerns that online betting sites are not safe or not easy to use. Of course, these concerns are important especially in this era of cyber security. But according to gambling sites, these concerns are unfounded.  In fact, two of the biggest advantages of online sports betting the website says are that it’s perfectly safe and easy to use.

For a betting site like Betin Kenya, the process has been made easier by the company’s promotional code. Using the Betin Kenya promotion code 2016 you could place different kinds of bets upon reading the form of the players in the first few minutes or even in the first half and then making an informed outcome choice based on your team’s live performance.

Upon entering the Betin Promotion code you will be able to access some of the best betting markets including approximately ten thousand events on weekends. Some of the professional sporting events that you could bet on include English Premier League matches, rugby, tennis, motor racing, basketball, horse racing, handball, music, and special sports bets. adds that betting sites are mostly run by well-known companies. They are reputable operations that can definitely be trusted, so there’s no reason to worry about whether your funds are safe or whether you will be paid out any winnings.

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Kanali is a freelance tech journalist based in Nairobi. For product reviews, pitches, guest posts or sponsored content, drop me an E-Mail at or call +254 727 503 198.

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