Infographic: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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Are you looking for a laptop/tablet hybrid that offers you the best of both worlds?

Of all the hybrids on the market today:

None offers a better experience for the money than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


Holding this thing in hand feels so satisfying.

The magnesium shell that houses the Surface Pro 4’s internals feels so pleasant to touch.

It gets better:

The slim form factor of the Pro 4 makes carrying this thing around all day an absolute breeze.

In fact:

The only thing that stopped Microsoft from making this device any thinner was the USB port!

Ya, it’s that thin!

For someone that owns a Surface Pro 3 and many of its accessories:

You’ll be happy to know that many of those same accessories are compatible with the Surface Pro 4!

The Surface Pro 4 is an absolute performance powerhouse.

The level of performance and speed you’ll obtain running software on this device will shock and amaze you!

It definitely surprised me.

When your Pro 4 is lying around on your desk:

You’ll truly begin to appreciate the engineering design work put into this device.

It’s an absolutely stunning piece of hardware and a fine piece of technological art.

Here are some more awesome reasons why you should own a Surface Pro 4 today:





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