Google wants to let you post directly to search results – Starting with U.S Presidential Candidates

It looks like Google wants to go the Twitter way. The internet giant is testing a new Twitter-like feed that will let user post their thoughts directly into the search results.

As an experiment, Google is first testing the new format with U.S Presidential candidates in ‘’real time’’ and will allow the candidates to post directly to the search results using a mobile app.

”Every day millions of people search on Google, many of whom are looking for information about the upcoming presidential elections. Now there’s a way for users to hear directly from the candidates they’re searching for in real time on Google.” The company says.

Google not give much information about this but it says under this experiment, U.S presidential candidates can communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Once published, posts will appear instantly in search results related to the candidate. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks.

In the future, Google says it plans to make the feature available to other prominent figures and organizations and it is opening up a waitlist so that if successful you can sign up to be invited when it goes live.

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