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Google could be launching its Android TV in June


Google could be launching its Android TV in June

Google could be launching its Android TV in June if the report by GigaOm  is anything to go by.


A report by GigaOm says that he search giant  will unveil the Android TV platform at the I/O 2014 developer conference, scheduled for June 25 and 26.

The website, Citing multiple sources familiar with Google’s plans, says that Android TV will be a platform that will allow TV and set-top box makers to deliver online streaming content to televisions. In that way, it is similar to Google TV, the platform the company unveiled at its 2010 Google I/O conference. It further says that the Android TV will at least initially be all about online media services and Android-based video games.

GigaOm’s sources say that Google has been in talks with streaming service providers. Already two companies Netflix and Hulu Plus are reported to have already come on board for the launch. Google may also announce a few hardware partners for Android TV at the event, who will roll out their products in the markets in the next few months.

What will differentiate Android TV from Google TV will be an easy-to-understand interface. Google has reportedly worked on keeping the UI simple; these efforts have been centred on a system that is being called ‘Pano’ internally.

”Android TV’s key focus will be on simplicity, which will be reflected in the user interface. Key to that is something the company has internally been calling Pano. The idea behind Pano is that apps can surface individual pieces of content right on the home screen in a card-like fashion so that users can browse movies, TV shows and other types of media as soon as they turn on an Android TV.” The report says

Content will be presented in a series of cards that can be browsed horizontally, and each movie or TV show episode has deep links into publisher’s apps, giving users the option to start playback right away. That’s different from the traditional smart TV experience, where users generally first have to launch an app from a publisher, and then browse that apps catalog before they can play a title.

With Pano, “apps can surface individual pieces of content right on the home screen in a card-like fashion.” Users will be able to select between the cards, which move horizontally, and watch movies or shows of their choice.



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