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#CES2016: This is Nikon ’s crazy 360-degree VR camera that everyone is talking about


#CES2016: This is Nikon ’s crazy 360-degree VR camera that everyone is talking about

It is a surprise announcement that Nikon pulled at the CES 2016, the unveiling of KeyMission 360, Nikon’s crazy 360-degree VR Camera.

The camera is the company’s first consumer focused 3D action camera that can record video in true 360 ° 4K UHD.
Nikon says bringing together these different types of highly relevant technologies in one camera represents a major leap forward that comes exactly at the right moment, as the restrictions for the achievement of true 360 ° videos clips were overcome and these are now available to consumers.

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The KeyMission 360 is at two opposite sides of the camera features a combination of image sensor and lens, and images of both are combined in camera to lifelike, high-definition 360 ° images.

The camera itself is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters without requiring a separate housing is needed for that. The camera is also very robust and resistant to dust, shock and low temperatures.

In addition, the reliable electronic vibration reduction reduces, which is enabled through applications during playback, the effects of camera shake, allowing crisp, clear films are obtained.



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